Introducing PAIX...



Allow us to introduce you to PAIX (pronounced ‘pay’)

The soulful ambient vocalist, songwriter and poet. 

When asked what her name means and symbolises she told us it is ‘peace’ a feeling she often hears emanates through her.

Today May 1st marks the release of her latest offering ‘How Long’ and we are delighted to showcase her single as our main featured video.

‘How Long’ produced by Gillieson, is a mellow blissful mood, reflective in conversation as she invites us to hear her mind coupled with an equally alluring visual to match.   The video sees the beautiful songstress captivate us with her presence.



PAIX made her official debut in August of 2019 with the release of ‘Self Love’ from the album Book of Kotch by Mysterex.  Her second release ‘Only One’ featured on the Album Argot by Cold North in September 2019. 

‘How Long’ will be her 3rd release and is her first solo. 

It showcases the theme of her mellow jazz infused sound that will certainly get you in your feelings.

It is clear from her sound that she is a thinker, intentional with her ruminative titles and contemplative lyrical statements.

Inspired and influenced by life, the power of personal connection, faith, spirituality, space, memory, identity, belonging, and her Ugandan heritage.

This rising songstress is a beaming star of authentic soulful musicality and surely one to look out for!




CLICK the link below to hear more from PAIX now!

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