• Introducing PAIX...



    Allow us to introduce you to PAIX (pronounced ‘pay’)

    The soulful ambient vocalist, songwriter and poet. 

    When asked what her name means and symbolises she told us it is ‘peace’ a feeling she often hears emanates through her.

    Today May 1st marks the release of her latest offering ‘How Long’ and we are delighted to showcase her single as our main featured video.

    ‘How Long’ produced by Gillieson, is a mellow blissful mood, reflective in conversation as she invites us to hear her mind coupled with an equally alluring visual to match.   The video sees the beautiful songstress captivate us with her presence.



    PAIX made her official debut in August of 2019 with the release of ‘Self Love’ from the album Book of Kotch by Mysterex.  Her second release ‘Only One’ featured on the Album Argot by Cold North in September 2019. 

    ‘How Long’ will be her 3rd release and is her first solo. 

    It showcases the theme of her mellow jazz infused sound that will certainly get you in your feelings.

    It is clear from her sound that she is a thinker, intentional with her ruminative titles and contemplative lyrical statements.

    Inspired and influenced by life, the power of personal connection, faith, spirituality, space, memory, identity, belonging, and her Ugandan heritage.

    This rising songstress is a beaming star of authentic soulful musicality and surely one to look out for!




    CLICK the link below to hear more from PAIX now!

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  • Rihanna named world's wealthiest Female Musician

    Forbes magazine estimates the musician’s fortune at $600m, a figure bolstered by her lucrative fashion and beauty ventures

    (Rihanna launching her Fenty brand in Paris in May 2019. Photograph: Julien Hekimian)


    Rihanna has been named the world’s richest female musician by Forbes magazine.
    The singer’s worth is estimated at $600m (£472m), including revenues made from her fashion and beauty lines in addition to those from her music career.
    In May 2019, French luxury brand LVMH confirmed it would launch Rihanna’s fashion company, Fenty, making her the first woman of colour to lead an LVMH fashion house. “I want to be as disruptive as possible,” she told the New York Times of the venture. “The brand is not traditional.”
    LVMH also backs Rihanna’s lucrative cosmetics company, Fenty Beauty, which launched in 2017 and is worth more than £3bn, from which Rihanna has earned $570m, Forbes reports. Boots recently acquired UK distribution rights for the brand. She also designs an inclusive lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, in partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group.
    In May, Rihanna told the New York Times that she wasn’t driven by money but by her work. “The money means that I can take care of my family. The money means that I can facilitate the businesses that I want to. I can create jobs for other people. My money is not for me; it’s always the thought that I can help someone else or, in the future, for if I have kids.”



    In 2012, Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation, which supports health and education efforts in impoverished communities around the world. In February 2017, she was named humanitarian of the year by Harvard University.

    Forbes’s list of the top five richest female musicians finds Madonna in second place ($570m), Céline Dion in third ($450m), Beyoncé and Barbra Streisand tying in fourth ($400m) and Taylor Swift in sixth ($360m).
    The publication defines “self-made” as “someone who built a company or established a fortune on her own, rather than inheriting some or all of it” – hence the Kardashian scion Kylie Jenner being named America’s youngest “self-made” billionaire earlier this year thanks to her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

    Alongside the growth of her beauty range, experts say Rihanna's invested her money wisely.
    "Globally the entire beauty industry is worth $480bn (£377bn) - in 2018 the UK market was valued at $17bn (£13bn)," says Hannah Symons, global beauty manager at Euromonitor International.
    Hannah's job is to track the growth of the beauty industry - looking for trends.
    "Rihanna's success clearly doesn't come off the back of the music although that's how she initially gained fame.
    Hannah thinks part of Rihanna's success is she's appealing to a very wide audience.
    "A lot of the people buying her products are not people who were buying her music. Rihanna has been around for 15 years but the people buying her products are aged 16-19, so wouldn't have been around when she started making music.
    "And it's not just because she caters for darker skin tones either, she also caters for people at the paler end of the spectrum. And it's this inclusive element that makes her stand out.
    Hannah says she's also been wise partnering with a high street retailer, making her products more accessible.
    Rihanna's Fenty Beauty collection has continued to disrupt the beauty industry since its launch in 2017, challenging other brands to expand their range of offerings for consumers with different skin tones. Fenty Beauty launched with 40 foundation shades and has since expanded to over 50, now seen as a trailblazer within the industry for its inclusive offerings. 


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  • Beyoncé Drops Stunning Lion King-Themed Music Video for 'Spirit'



    Beyoncé has done it again.
    The singer, legend, icon, superstar, released the official music video for the new original song "Spirit" from the upcoming remake of  "The Lion King" and fans are losing their minds, it is gorgeous with an array of majestic backgrounds.
    The video sees Queen Bey switching through a variety of flowing costume changes.  It is gloriously vibrant and visually masterful, located in the midst of the desert (undoubtedly meant to represent Africa, where The Lion King is set).
    The video is just so beautiful including Beyoncé, of course which makes it quite hard to pay attention to the lyrical content.

    “Spirit” is a track off the upcoming album The Lion King: The Gift, which Beyoncé both produced and curated.
    The album, to be released on the same day as the movie, is a 14-track accompaniment to the film, so it's almost like a bonus Beyoncé album.
    In an interview with ABC ahead of the video's release, she called the album a "love letter to Africa."
    "I wanted to make sure we found the best talent from Africa and not just use some of the sound and did my own interpretation of it.  I wanted it to be authentic to what is beautiful about the music in Africa," she said.
    “We’ve kind of created our own genre and I feel like the soundtrack is the first soundtrack where it becomes visual in your mind. The soundscape is more than just the music because each song tells the story of the film.”
    It's not just talk. In addition to popular American artists like Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, the album features musicians from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and South Africa.
    Beyoncé is voicing Nala in the upcoming CGI reboot of The Lion King.

    Blue Ivy Carter also makes a couple of appearances in the music video which makes us love this visual even more!  In pretty wavy red hair she is every bit the adorable beauty reflective of her mother. 
    Alongside a variety of dancers, she is also featured on the upcoming album, The Lion King is a family experience, after all.




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  • 'Love Royelle' the Album

    Mutli award winning artist Roucheon released 'Love Royelle' the album in 2012. 

    Roucheon is a singer, songwriter, producer, and lyrical MC who brings a hip-hop edge to her soulful sound. 

    Her vocals have been described as 'hauntingly beautiful' her flow's supreme. 

    Click the Link below to hear the album!




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