The Medicine of Motion

Have you ever felt stuck?..

Stagnant, placed in an imprisoning fort either mentally or physically, debilitated by the uncertainty of how to unwind your being from what feels hopeless, tiresome,

to the extent of exhaustion that depletes parts of your existence or vigor for living?...

For many this can be a reality. 

This would be a good time to oxygenate yourself through compassion.

One beautifully simple key is movement... Yes movement!
Movement is Powerful!
When you feel trapped in negative emotions, situations that create any toxic residue, begin to use every part of your internal and external body to encourage energetic flow.  Release blockages that do not allow your happiness to come forth! 
A simple tool that can change everything, MOVE, The Medicine of Motion...
Movement produces an awakening a stirring and shifting that simply affects every part of you, the key is knowing how and just doing it!

The human anatomy is a beautifully intricate form with such detailed construct, every part interconnected to flow through functionality.

Our emotion being, spirit being, intellectual and physical beings are all the soul embodiment and communicative portals that establish our holistic health.  Knowing the connection aids our understanding when it comes to the power of healing.  The signals sent to the mind (the central operating system that sends messages to all parts of us at all times) are connective cables that reinforce our ability or inability to establish hopeful rescue when we have abandoned the mission to save ourselves from any situation that is keeping us stuck. 

So how do we begin to move?

There are various states of motion,
Move your body.

When your body has been in the same place for too long you experience a lethargy resulting from elements of stillness, chances are your mind too is patterned into a shut down state, believing it is tired and wilfully cannot find the inspiration to move. 

You then have a choice dependent on your personalty type your triggers and things you naturally are drawn to.  You can begin with movement around your own space, your home, your room, your business, change things around, do a spring clean allow some ideas to become a reality within the space around you as this is your haven, the newness will breath inspiration! 

The internet is a resource centre at your disposal!  You can begin a workout at home.   

Begin to learn the importance of how to stretch, the impact of shifting tension through your body by simply knowing the correct ways to expand it and learn breathing techniques.

Take a walk, or a run outside, the energy of nature is a natural boost and will instantly give your soul a lift.  Try something new, dance is a fun way to incorporate movement it is also a very spiritual practice that enriches the soul and takes on many forms.

Pick a new sport to participate in, this will not only facilitate your physical motion but can broaden your emotional connection to others in a communal atmosphere that is so healthy for the souls expansion.
Move your mind.

As you think, so you are!

Keep in mind that you ingest thoughts daily like medicinal pills prescribed in your mental garden, you take them and they become the practitioners of your perspectives.  There is power in what and how you think.  Take a moment to practice conscious thinking, cultivate a thought life that is regularly exercised, read, engage in conversations, watch and listen to sources of wealth that encourage personal growth.

It is not always easy especially when tough times arise but living in awareness can keep you actively seeking out the betterment of self. 

Travel.  This is of course a physical transit but the impact on ones mind is far more reaching. It creates dimension, interchangeable experiences that grow your mind, inspire your soul and renew the mundane thought life that sometimes precedes routine.  

Meet new people, create experiences that become contributors to your world!  This diversifies your life scope, allows an exchange of knowledge as you learn from others and enhance confidence if you step out of your comfort zones.   
Create a to do list and highlight every completed task. This is a practical measure of accountability and will move your mentality into a confident place of accomplishment.  Every accomplishment will feed your internal narrative and replace a redundant surrender with a rewarding self assurance - mental shift!
Move your spirit

Engage with your passions. 

At the core of you there lives an answer to your existence.  There are things that bring you to Life! Shake your soul up and cultivate love, find those things and pursue every element of fulfilment through them.  The sentiment that ‘we all have a purpose, that there is more to life’ is not just a sweet saying it arrives from the reality that we exist beyond what we see.

Cultivate your faith. 

Spiritual practices or spiritual disciplines have kept humanity evolving since the beginning of time. Prayer, meditation, ceremonies, rituals, instruments of connection that enhance your link to God, the knowledge of self are all vital components to our sustenance.

Spirituality and your spiritual life also include your daily interactions with other people.

Eat well.  Food is such a spiritual undertaking,  though it grows our bodies, entices our sensory system via taste buds looking deeper into what we eat as a whole highlights the living energy source we connect with in order to draw nutritional life.  Choose living foods to fuel a living body!

Spiritual development is the growth of a person as a whole! 

`The most important thing to remember is every step counts, MOVE, allow your entire world to shift ...


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