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  • Living Emotions

    There are moments I dream of stepping out of my emotions, 

    on some days I long to hold on and savour the present, unquestionably they affirm,  I am a living being. 

    I am a woman constantly  impacted by feelings. I am sure you will agree with me right now, with every breath one takes, emotions are making their presence known. 

    Feelings too numerous to name.  

    Some I have encountered have never had a title, yet I know they live because they have intercepted the environment of my emotions. “I felt them”, I have owned them, they are personal to me.   I am sure if we get talking you may have walked there too, having said that, it could be argued in innocence, they have never been there.

    I am told everything we feel as women has been recorded, books, magazines, journals, the media, they all shout out, that they know what I have felt!  I would argue the case, if I could have found the answer to my current emotional state the prescription found would have brought me back to a sound emotional state.

    So here begins my journey exploring the emotions of a woman from birth to my current age to the nearest decimal point.


    As far back as my memory can recall, recovering pictures stored within the walls of my
    mind, the remarkable ability to spontaneously go back in time to when I was a child, every recall has
    an attachment of a living emotion clinging to it.
    Even at a young sensitive age, when the awareness kicked in that there were differences in the
    closest of proximity with that of my biological sisters, family and the many friends and strangers I
    was to encounter, suddenly I found myself feeling inferior and not being comfortable with who I was.

    Questioning ones appearance which would encompass intricate details down to my chiselled
    features.  Questions of the young innocent mind of a girl child unaware of ones unique and distinct
    beauty, born with the perfect skin colour pigmentation, texture of hair, body frame, intellect, only
    now with age and time do I realise I was as perfect as perfect could be.  
    No human mind could pen the blue print of my formation in my mother’s womb, possibly like you. 
    I learned to question the growing image that looked back at me from the mirror, who’s emotions were 


    shaped by the daily occurrences life was to serve on my plate.
    I had failed to make the connection, to accept that there is only ever to be one like me.  I had already missed the
    positive emotions of being content with who I was. Our world surrounds us with the attachment and
    bonding with negative emotions, we kind of adjust to settled acceptance that is how life is
    destined to be. NO! No! No! I say, life is yours to live in the beauty that is overshadowed by
    occurrences that we think define us.
    You know why I can tell you this because those living emotions have not grown old, if I choose to go
    back in years, I can pick them up and wear them and they will be as real today as they were

    So I will tell you that with age comes experience.  I now know how beautiful and perfect I am in my
    unique individuality, how unique and perfect you are.  I would like to get you to think about your
    emotions growing up, what ever age you are as you read this script, you are uniquely beautiful,
    perfectly made, flaws you think you may have and would like to change stop and appreciate you,
    yes you, hold your head up in the confidence with the gift of life that was awarded to the beautiful
    woman you are.

    Written by BCRL

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