Yuna - (Not) The Love Of My Life


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Not The Love of My Life tells a story of a bride in the midst of getting ready for her wedding but is second guessing her decision to settle down. I went back to Malaysia and wanted to collaborate again with my friend and traditional Indian choreographer Harshini Sukumaran whom I’ve worked with in the Forevermore music video. I was also blessed to have collaborated with other talents and business owners, who live and breathe within the Indian wedding industry, as they help me breathe so much beauty and insight in what we were creating.

Back home we all partake in each other’s culture in a very loving and respectful way which I feel is very unique.. and in NTLOML I was very blessed to be able to share that part of my life with the world. I’m not the main star of this video, they are. I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to direct my first music video, but it would not be possible without the consultation, support, and most importantly, love from the Malaysian Indian community.
xx Yuna

Been holding on these years
It’s been a sweep, these tears
Stayin’ to know what love is

You wanna move so fast
But I know we won’t last
Gotta let go of all the memories

You may be hurtin’ now
But once you understand why we can’t hold it out
Goin’ shed a new skin, babe
You say just hang around
Just give me some time
Give me some time
To find my way
But baby I know

Our love is broken
My heart is frozen
You’re not the love of my life
Our love our moments
Let me compose it
You’re not the love of my life

Music video by Yuna performing (Not) The Love Of My Life. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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