Saleka - Mr. Incredible (Official Music Video)


“Mr. Incredible” is a song about relationships and mental health. It is told through the voice of a woman trying desperately to communicate with a partner who is constantly falling into depression, and seems to always be slipping away from her. Loving him is like chasing a ghost, and in trying to reach him and keep him close she instead ends up fragmenting her own self.

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Director: Ishana Night Shyamalan
Executive Producer: M. Night Shyamalan
Producer: Staci Hagenbaugh
AD: Ryan Rose
Line Producer: Wendy Cox
DP: Marshall Adams
Choreographer: Saleena Khamamkar
Assistant Choreographer: Jen Meehan
Dancer “Sadness”: Anjali Mehta
Dancer “Anger”: Ishita Mili
Dancer “Frustration”: Swarali Karulkar
Boyfriend “Mr. Incredible”: Daniel Ison
Editor: Harvey Rosenstock
Assistant: Ralph Jean-Pierre
Head of Post Production: Jeff Robinson
VFX: Cadence (Jeremy Beadell and Craig Crawford)
Colorist: Travis Flynn
Sound Design: Joel Metzler
Production Designer: Naaman Marcus
Set Decorator Consult.: Karen Frick
Key Set Decorator.: Hanna Hamilton
Set Decorators: Nathan Novak, Elijah Ellis, Juliana Kuttruff
Production Manager: Monique Impagliazzo
Assistant Production Coordinator: Louis Togna
Production Assistants:
Siddharth Jha
Anastassia Anderson
Kaya Proctor
Matt Canon
Saleka Hair and Makeup: Payal Patel
Special Effects Design/Consult: Jen Smack
SFX Makeup: Mikayla McCune
Key Hair and Makeup: Pam Pietzman
Hair and Makeup Stylist: April Chatman-Royca
Extensions Stylist: Leanna Gavin
Costume Designer: Caroline Duncan
Tailor: Aidan Miller
Costumer: Ioana Chiorean
Costumer: Chiya Stonehill
Camera Operator: Drew Sarocco
1 st AC: Michael Toland
2 nd AC: Andy Hensler
Media Manager: Geremiah Edness
VTR: Nick Esposito
Driver/Cam PA: John Vaders
Playback: Sean Hoffman
Gaffer: Shane Moore
Best Boy Electric: Zac Van Heel
Generator OP: Steven Klink
Electric: Matt Joffe and Neil Macrini
Key Grip: Pedro Cunillera
Best Boy: Conor Omara
Dolly Grip: Jozef Jozefowski
2 nd Grip: Mike Fares
3 rd Grip: Tom Paolo
Health Safety Supervisor: Mike Jenkins
Health Safety Supervisor: Debra Schnelle
Caterer: Lindsay Mace
Crafty: Nancy Bond
Crafty Assistant: Cindy Alloway
Locations Managers: Fred Cliver and Kait McAlister
Casting: Kathy Wickline, and Heery Casting
BTS photographer: Phobymo
BTS videographer: Sergei Nedelkin

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