Little Simz - Woman ft. Cleo Sol (Official Video)


‘Woman’ featuring Cleo Sol is taken from my forthcoming album 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert', dropping 3rd September.

Directed by Little Simz

Music produced by Inflo
Creative Directed by Little Simz & Jeremy Ngatho Cole

Guest features
Jourdan Dunn,
Zeze Millz,
Sienna King,
Kesewa Aboah,
Denai Moore,
Miraa May,
Nish Rowe,
Joy Crookes,
Caroline Adeyemi,
Peju Adeyemi

Esme Benjamin
Mira Jebari
Anna-Kay Gayle
Elishia Edwards
Nathalie Zangi
Anmol Kaur

Production Company PRETTYBIRD UK
MD/Exec Producer Juliette Larthe
Exec Producer Chris Murdoch
Producer MrMr
Production Manager Lucy Bradley
Production Assistant Ella Knight
1st AD Ed Bellamy
2nd AD Ato Yankey
3rd AD Sonny McMillan
DOP Rina Yang
1st AC Brendan Harvey
2nd AC Chris Rogers
Steadicam Josh Brooks
Camaera Trainee Adenike Oke
Grip Jamie Monks
DIT Jayson Hunte
Gaffer Elliot Beach
Spark Caspar Jones
Spark Matt Markham
Spark Ramzey Sabbagh
Spark Craig Gambell
Spark Max Halstead
Production Designer Ranya El-Refaey
Art Department Assistant: Hannah Eccles
Art Department Assistant: Esme Lewis
Stylist: Luci Ellis
Stylist Assistant: Nadia Dahan
Stylist Assistant: Florence Armstrong
Seamstress: Kate Steward
Artist's Makeup Artist Nibras
Makeup artist Sandra Hadi
Makeup artist Angela Stewart
Hairstylist Diana Francis
Hairstylist Regina Meessen
JD’s Hair Stylist Issac Poleon
JD’s Make Up Artist: Alex Babsky
Choreographer Kloe Dean
B-Unit Camera Natasha Duursma
Animal Handler Jo Mayston
Runner Jaered Glavin
Runner Lucia Ritucci
Runner Arthur Studholme
Production Runner Tyshan Dwyer
Medic/Covid Supervisor Richard Hayward
AM Covid Testing Nurse Florence Smartson
PM Covid Testing Nurse Linda Namuyiga

Edit Laura Cairney - Keize
Edit Producer Polly Kemp
Colourist Jason Wallis
Color Producer Melissa Trindade
Motion Graphics Mikko

Label AWAL
Commissioners Bianca Bhagat & Cheyenne Miller

Camera supply Panavision
Lighting supply SHL Lighting

With thanks to @Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin & @GUCCI

Naija women
Got the melanin dripping
L o n d o n
City girl living
In the back looking like fire chilli pepper
Yoruba girl tougher than imperial leather
He was getting bitter while she was getting better
Diamonds are forever
Miss Sierra Leone looking like a gem
Works hard in the week
Party on the weekend
Know you wanna live with no one watching how you spend
Got a thing for the finer things and the finer men
Miss Tanzania she a do or die
Say she wanna know more bout the Sukuma Tribe
We hit the zoot
Once wasn’t enough
Got an ocean full of knowledge you could scuba dive
Miss Ethiopia can play so jazzy
Then sit you down and school you on Selassie
Telll em your nothing without a woman no
Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow
Tellem what’s up

I love
How you go from zero to 1 hundred
And leave the dust behind you’ve got this
All action no talk

Bajan honeys
Know you repping for your country
Sun kissing your brown skin looking like money
Say she focusing on being an accountant
When you have beauty and brains they find it astounding
Why? She been getting it on her own nigga
Self made ain’t nobody doing gold digger
Miss India always speaks with her chest
Got respect from her people cos she leads them the best
Real life queen in the flesh
Know the crown get heavy still it beez on your head
Brooklyn ladies
Know you hustle daily
Innovative just like Donna Summer in the 80s
Your time they seeing you glow now
Intelligence and elegance show em how
Miss Jamaica understand food for the soul if she get up in the kitchen know she throw down
Ain’t nothing without a woman though
Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow
Tellem what up

I love
How you go from zero to 1 hundred
And leave the dust behind you’ve got this
All action no talk

I see your glow you’re the finest gold
When you walk in the room they feel your soul
Your style it shines so ahead of time
And you know that you’re fire you’re so damn fine girl

She a Ghana girl
Calm with it never let the marijuana fail
Though a sucker for the romance
Take you to the home land
One way she ain’t coming back nah
All I see is black stars
And I friggin love it yeah yeah
Times up tell the people that we coming yeah yeah
Done being in the shadow going public yeah yeah
Don’t know how to bare it how to stomach yeah yeah
Hand over this shit and let us run it yeah yeah
All we know is looking flawless all they know is stare stare
Ain’t nothing with a woman though
Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow

I love
How you go from zero to 1 hundred
And leave the dust behind you’ve got this
And lead them with your light you’ve got this
All action no talk

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