Lady Leshurr - CARMEN


Hardest song I've ever had to make. Took a break from music, even more so that my sister recently passed. It would've been her 40th birthday today and her husbands 46th. Sadly, they both died of cancer. This is my gift and letter to her, and to my family so my sister's name forever lives on. #CARMENSWORLD

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Verse 1
Yo sis, where do I start
I got all this hurt and pain just sitting on my heart
Cus I remember our childhood days, picturing the scars
Try forget so I’m drinking everyday and it’s ripping me apart
So what do I do I abuse myself
It’s all my fault I accuse myself
Going insane gonna lose myself
Rewind time I would choose myself
Can’t take it
Losing a siblings heartbreaking
And I never thought you would not make it
Kept the faith and didn’t stop praying
Till my arms aching
And I can’t take it no more
I’m a just cry more tears
And I know that you wasn’t all there
Flashback to the day you ran away and I didn’t see you for years
Lost my sister then lost my confidence
What’s the consequence
Music ain’t the same I feel done with this
Nothing matters now I just want my sis

You’re my sister
I really miss ya always
Damn right I need ya
Can’t wait to see ya one day

Verse 2
Your funeral was beautiful
We were all blacked out with purple it was suitable
And when you found out that you had cancer didn’t know who to call
That’s why you left it for like a year or so
And that’s when I should’ve been there
That’s when I should’ve said don’t be scared
That’s when I should’ve had you in my prayers
And my heart broke when I seen you losing your hair
It’s so unfair
I gotta dry my tears
Cus the kids lost both parents in 3 years
When your husband passed
I could tell you was struggling mad
But then you tried to move on fast with a guy that was beating you like a man
I only got told this when you died
He was there when I sat by your side
When I had to dry your tears from ur eyes
Did no wrong didn’t deserve to die why

You’re my sister
I really miss ya always
Damn right I need ya
Can’t wait to see ya one day

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