Kat DeLuna - "Last Night In Miami"


Kat DeLuna joins her squad to party like they should in a “Last Night In Miami”.

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Dominican-American singer/songwriter and performer Kat DeLuna’s debut album was “9 Lives”. She strutted into the limelight with her Pop/Dance Caribbean-flavored, gold-certified single “Whine Up,” featuring Jamaica Reggae star Elephant Man, DeLuna has undergone a personal and artistic rebirth. Now, DeLuna is reemerging with a refreshingly innovative, dance and rock-infused sound that allows her to flaunt her operatic vocal range. Ever the trendsetter, DeLuna is also experimenting with a much bolder look that attests her self confidence and fearless attitude. Her previous single with Arcángel, “Nueva Actitud”, showed she can be a powerful voice in Latn music.

El álbum debut de la compositora y cantante con raíces dominicanas Kat DeLuna fue "9 Lives". Ella se destacó con su canción titulada “Whine Up”, que tiene un sabor de pop/dance caribeña, con la estrella de Jamaica Reggae, Elephant Man. Ahora, DeLuna ha experimentado un renacimiento personal y artístico. Ella está resurgiendo con un sonido innovador, bailable e infundido en el rock que le permite hacer alarde de su rango vocal operístico. Siempre a la vanguardia, DeLuna también está experimentando con una apariencia mucho más atrevida que demuestra su confianza en sí misma y su actitud audaz. Su sencilo con Arcángel, "Nueva Actitud", mostró que puede ser una voz poderosa en la música latina.

Just went MIA in Miami
Got my girls wit me they like my family
beach view from the balcony
Yelling at them hot boys passing
Top down with the music blasting
I feel the walls are collapsing
Only got one life for living
So ima just Stan for the moment

Palm trees ocean breeze
Exchange number and Hotel keys
Red lip that in Givenchy
Chanel clutch I got a bunch of these
Too many shots I forgot my name
I kissed a girl and I forgot I did
No stress No drama

Look so sweet candy
Drinks we keep um handy
Last night Miami x2
Boy so fine just come wit me
Taking off no landing
Last night in Miami x2

(Verse 2)
Ignoring your calls if you ain’t here
Indica in a Blank stare
Feels like my body floating
When really I’m stumbling everywhere
I’m outside of myself and I don’t care
Got work in the morning ain’t showin
We get one go round
So I’m gonna Stan for this moment

Life will knock you don’t but get up get up again
They tryda lock us down but we breakout and free us again
Mia in Miami x3

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