Woman Rise

Harness my magic and get aligned with my whole self 

Become the internal reservoir that empowers my eternal reality 

Find the balance by laying hold of that which I do control 

The outer is captivity while the inner gives me mastery and with that I can enter the realm of divine intervention 

Release the realities that weigh me down 

Allow my focus to build from a place I can visualise through 

Elevate my thinking 

Hold on in faith and push through 

I was born with other dimensional perspectives,

A higher knowing 

I unlearn the programs that disable my firm foundation 

I am not a passenger in my reality, I own and have the keys

Submerge the toxic trauma, it is my ability to rise,

To seek my inner temple 

To sanctify and purge 

To conquer 

To Believe 

As I know... 

take ownership and RISE beyond the tide 

Within there is enough 

I AM Enough







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