Jane Macgizmo - One Away (Official Video)


Directed by Tricia Bent

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I told him on a one away
One away one away, Waan ramp ruff from time you a play
I told him on a one away
One away one away, Don’t runaway cause mi need you fi stay
and One away
Mi juss wah fi a back it up
and One away,
mi just wah you fi a slap it up
and One away,
mi just know say you can’t get enough
Inna di miggle o' di night
Yuh do mi body right

1st Verse
I'm golden,
From you look inna mi face I'm chosen,
Fi be di one fi yuh inna dis moment
Yuh nuh see wi love ago be fully loaded
I'm open,
Just know this,
You ago be di only man mi notice
One away mi wah fi gi yuh pon di low yes
Whispa inna yuh ears and tell yuh say you own this
(Own this)


2nd Verse
Life comes at you fast? huh?
some thing you shouldn’t pass up
Pass a light, let’s spark up
fill me out and sign up
For a night of love
wah you think mi a wine up for
I know just what you thinking of
I played my cards right
Suh deal me all night


3nd Verse
And when we get high
We start fi medicate
Passion deh inna wi love dat a wi favorite trait
nuh matter how mi concentrate
You a whisper inna mi ears but
mi a shout you from yuh gate
Annuh mi one see the vision
tonight a di maths, it nuh equal division
That’s why mi add it up & back it up
cause mi cyaan get enough
That’s why mi heart learn fi aim with precision

I let you know from start
I will put you in my heart
We won't ever have to part
Cause I won't leave you lonely, so lonely
and if you had a say
I know you’d want an always
So I will go your way
Yuh nice enough for a girl like me

I told you on a one away
(inna di miggle, one away one away)
Ohhh, mmm
I told you on a one away
inna di miggle, one away one away, don't runaway cause mi)
Ohhh, uhhh
I told you on a one away
(Inna di miggle a di, Inna di miggle a di)
Ohhh, mmm
I told him on a one away, one away, one away, yeah


(C) 2018 ZincFence Records

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